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Recently I became unhappy with the tone produced from my own piano a Boston GP-178 grand. Although the piano is well made and is a very exceptional instrument, I wanted to get more out of the tone. At about the same time I had attended a monthly meeting of the Toronto Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild where Ari Isaac gave a piano voicing presentation and explained his philosophy on the subject. Being intrigued and impressed by this presentation, I followed up by contacting Ari Isaac as to the best approach in tackling the issues I had with my Boston grand. After spending numerous hours and trying various voicing techniques we did manage to get the piano to sing more with less drop off in tone after initial attack, but I was not completely satisfied. Wanting something more I made the decision to replace the hammers with Isaac custom made Cadenza S hammers and the results were fantastic. The richness in tone and continuity between the initial attack and sustain of the note was what my Boston needed. One of the main things that I disliked about the tone of my piano before I changed to Isaac Cadenza S hammers was that there was a significant drop off of tone after the initial attack as though the tone was being muted or the volume was being mysteriously turned down. This undesirable quality is non-existent using Isaac Cadenza S hammers. Now the amplitude or volume of the note immediately following the initial attack is almost exactly the same as the initial attack and the note sustains much longer, slowly and gradually diminishing as the note sings and dies away. This is what I was looking for. I am so impressed with the results that I have become a distributor for Isaac Pianos and am offering Isaac Custom made hammers and Bass strings to the trade as well as the public as part of my offering. Following is a bio and introduction about Ari Isaac.


Lawrence Dickenson

The Music Box Piano Service Owner/Piano Technician


About Ari Isaac

I grew up in a musical family. My parents played violin and piano and music has been my first love. I didn’t originally think of piano technology as a profession but when I did get into it, I was intrigued and beguiled by the history, complexity and beauty of the piano. I’ve tuned over 20,000 pianos by now, and hand built thousands of sets of piano hammers and piano bass strings which, according to the pianists and technicians who use them, are the world’s finest.

I became interested in hand crafting piano hammers and bass strings out of the wish to contribute something lasting to the world of music. Music brings joy to many people. From concert pianists Sally Christian and Malcolm Bilson; jazz pianist Delbert Bump, actor/comedian, Robin Williams to pianos in the most prestigious music schools in North America, all play on pianos using the hammers I have made. If I have succeeded to enhance their joy and that of the people who listen to them, then I’ve done something worthwhile.

Ari Isaac is one of a handful of artisans in North America who creates handmade bass strings and piano hammers. Based in Toronto, he is the only maker of custom made piano hammers in Canada.




...."It seems as if having your hammers in my arsenal has been the secret weapon that allowed me to get results from a piano that no competitor of mine could approach."


...."If you ever decide to retire, please give me sufficient warning that I can buy several sets of unbored hammers for my archives."


...."I like to say that I am very very pleased with the rich and silky tone your hammers produce. The depth and fullness of tone is so evident.