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Here are some testimonials from some of the satisfied customers of Piano Tuner / Piano Repair Technician Lawrence Dickenson.

  1. Susan Gravel Oakville Piano Studios
  2. Kathy and Ron Izzi Mississauga
  3. David Douglas Barrie 
  4. Ian Hoare Head of Music Mentor College Mississauga
  5. Mary Nestor Oakville 
  6. Rodney Lobo Oakville
  7. Christy Fernando
  8. Salvation Army Oakville

Thank you again for tuning the two pianos in my piano studio. They sounded great when I played them last night. I appreciate all the time and effort that went into tuning them and will not hesitate to refer you to my students.

Susanne Gravel

Oakville Piano Studio

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After years of suffering with our out of tune piano, we called the Music Box Piano Service to help us. We met Lawrence, a very personable and knowledgeable piano tuner. He told us of the history of our piano and worked on repairs so the subsequent tuning would be worthwhile. He recovered the natural keys and now they look as if they were new! We would highly recommend Lawrence to tune your piano.


Kathy and Ron Izzi

Mississauga Ontario

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Dear Lawrence,

It was wonderful to get my piano back to where it needs to be as I thought it was pretty much impossible to get it tuned! Your skill, hard work and great advice has turned my ancient "honky tonk" piano back into a real PIANO with great sound. My daughters and I are playing more than ever now! I appreciate your integrity, honesty and your overall approach to what you do. I will certainly pass on your contact information to anyone I know who needs piano work done!


Best Regards

David Douglas,

Barrie Ontario 

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September, 2009


To whom it may concern; 


The purpose of this letter is to act as a testimonial for Mr. Lawrence Dickenson.


I am the Head of Music for Mentor College in Mississauga, Ontario, and have availed myself of Lawrence's services with regard to the tuning and repair of our pianos. Lawrence is an excellent craftsman. He takes the time needed to do a proper job of both tuning and repairs. We have four pianos at our school, two of which are nearly a century old and require a high level of maintenance. Lawrence very clearly explained the work that would be needed to keep our pianos in top playing condition, giving us options with regard to prioritizing the work necessary and taking into consideration our budgetary needs. Lawrence is skilled in basic tuning, pitch raises and refurbishment. He is also an excellent communicator. He takes the time to show his clients what needs doing and explains how he is going to do it. I found listening to him tremendously insightful and educational.


I also use Lawrence to tune my pianos at home. He is knowledgeable and courteous, punctual and thorough. I recommend his services very highly.



Ian Hoare

Head of Music

Mentor College

Mississauga, Ontario


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Thank you so much Lawrence for your message and for your services. The piano sounds "heavenly" - now the pianist needs "tuning". After you left I sat down and played for 1 1/2 hours - what a shock to the piano's system! Little to no activity for years - and then tuning AND lots of practice.... I appreciate your contact. I have booked the suggested appointment time into my calendar for next year. If there are any issues in the meantime, I will be sure to be in touch. Thanks for the excellent service!  ....Mary


Mary Nestor

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Lawrence, thank you again for your concern and expertise in repairing our piano. It is nice to know that there are still honest and dedicated business people out there. My daughter Emily says that now it finally sounds like a real piano.


Rodney Lobo

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Lawrence I just want to say thanks for a great job tuning my piano. Playing around with it over the weekend and you can really hear a huge difference. I will definitely reach you again in several months for another tuneup.


Thanks again,

K.C. Fernando




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My name is David Court and I work with Michele Walker at the Salvation Army on South Service Rd. in Oakville. I'm the person who desperately wants to play the piano in the Chapel there but couldn't because of the shape it was in. Suffice to say, I was literally blown away when I was shown that Michele, through you, had arranged to spend time on it to make it playable. I know it is past its' shelf life but whatever MAGIC you did to bring it into tune was amazing! It was deeply moving for me to experience that as it means more to me than just a piano.


Please know that your generosity goes far beyond what you may realize in terms of its' impact. "Thank you" doesn't nearly cut it but it is the best I can do, so thank you for being so generous. Good deeds and generosity always make a difference. I'm so grateful to you Lawrence for yours and look forward to meeting you in the times ahead. I can't see anything else but your business flourshing when you so selflessly use your gifts and time as such.


Thank you once again - with great appreciation.



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